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Tosiruoka offers:

  • Health lectures, wellness days and cooking courses for companies and other organizations,
  • Nutritional advice,
  • Ayurvedic head and face massage.

Nina Westerback - Health lectures, wellness daysIt’s all about how to achieve better health by eating real food, the right food for your body. I work with three key principles:

  1. Evolution – the natural food for man.
  2. Science – research.
  3. Experience – the collected experience of tens of thousands of people who have achieved better health with real food.

I mainly aim to help people who want to lose weight or have other kinds of everyday health problems – such as an upset stomach, migraine, headaches, fatigue, or problems with their blood sugar. Each person’s body, lifestyle and food preferences are different, and the solution must be sustainable.

I offer 1-3 hour health lectures, wellness days, or shorter presentations, to companies, associations and small groups. I give nutritional advice, courses and lectures both in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Tosiruoka means Real Food.

About Nina

Certified PI nutrition coachI, Nina Westerback, have an academic degree as Master of Science in Technology. I have worked in business for 15 years, in project management, customer training, product development, product management and marketing. My passionate interest in health and nutrition, which I’ve had since I was a teen, evolved gradually from a hobby to a professional competence. I became a PI Nutrition Coach in Stockholm in 2010, and in addition, I have studied nutrition at the Open University of Helsinki and taken many other courses. I am a mother of three teenagers, and children’s nutrition is something I’m especially involved in, e.g., by hosting cooking courses for kids every summer.

Do you want to book me for a lecture, course or wellness day? Do you need help with your diet or ayurvedic head and face massage? Send a message via the contact form or call me, mobile phone +358 45 2536 936.

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